When it comes to safety for your infant it is sometimes difficult to find the safest Car Seat. The right car seat will improve the safety of your baby. In fact, the correct child seat will keep your child protected and give you satisfaction of mind.

The right seat will insure the comfort of your baby. On our site we have meaningful information to questions such as, “how big can the baby be to use a certain car seat or carrier?” and “Will the base I now have, fit with another brand of car seat?” 

Browse through our site to learn recommendations for choosing a car seat.

car seat base homepageWHAT YOU WILL FIND INSIDE

Find out the easiest car seats to install, and how to safely install them. Know which seats have the best ratings and secure fits, as well as the style of the latch system and connectors and if they will fit your vehicle. 

Also know the bubble levels on the base of the seat to know if your child is riding in comfort and if the belt on the infant seat has easy vehicle belt routing for security. Find Out About Our Recommended Safety Seats

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You will find answers to questions you may not have thought about while researching your child’s New car seat and carrier. There are Car seats for YOUR new born and car seats that will grow with your Children! Also you will find information on different brands of car seats and what these brands offer. Read All Info About Car Seat Brands


We have safety tips for parents and talk about keeping your child safe in their car seat while you are driving. How to put the car seat in and secure so that your child’s seat is safe yet comfy.

The type of seat that your child will need depends on a lot of things like age, size and type of vehicle you have. 

Regardless of the type of seat your child or children will need you will have enough information in this website that you wont need to worry or feel overwhelmed.